Spring 2013 Stay On Track - Mendocino College

Registration allows for you to register for one day and one time period. Please select carefully as space is limited. A minimum of 10 students registered is required. Please be a few minutes early for check-in. THE SESSION WILL START ON TIME. You will receive a reminder email, or notice of cancellation, 1 to 5 days prior to the presentation. For questions, please email me at marguerite.stgermain@sonoma.edu

Marguerite St. Germain
Admissions Counselor, Sonoma State University

Time and Location:

03-17-13 (Sunday)

• 12:00pm : Room 1220

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Please select only ONE date and time. If you selected more than one or changed your mind, please email us so we know the exact date and time you will attend. Thank you.

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