Tuesday September 23, 2014

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12:00pm •Tour of the Santa Rosa Material Recovery Facility
Tour of the Santa Rosa Material Recovery Facility http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ae/Material_recovery_facility_2004-03-24.jpg Ever wonder what happens to the trash and recycling once it goes in your black and blue bin? Or perhaps you've wondered what materials are recyclable vs. what items should go in the trash. If you've had any of these conundrums, sign up for the tour of the material recovery facility! Tuesday September 23rd , 12-1pm Space is limited to first 30 people that RSVP. Click here to reserve your spot.
7:00pm •Sustainability Mixer at Aqus Cafe
Sustainability Mixer is an after work forum to discuss solutions, presented by World Centric and Aqus Community at the Aqus Cafe in Petaluma. September Topic: Sustainable Housing The unique culture of Sonoma County is a result of a diverse population of farmers, food and wine producers, small business owners, and artisans, amongst others. As housing costs continue to rise, how can we expand the options available for affordable housing so that we can maintain our diverse population and the culture that makes Sonoma County such an wonderful, community-oriented place to live? A panel of experts from across real estate, economic development and co-housing will be on hand to share their perspectives. We invite you to join us for this solutions-oriented dialogue.